Grace Astin //  Creative Criminal  // MCR

The Little Underbank logo is inspired by Stockports’ coat of arms. This can be found on the bridge that crosses over Little Underbank. The bridge acts like the heart of Little Underbank. By rotating the circle/square 4 times (one for each point of the coat of arms). This represents that this is the center point of the Underbank and also references the ‘sale’ badges used by some of the smaller businesses in the Underbank. (also colour palette influenced by the coat of arms)

(Little Underbank letter to locals informing them of changes being made)

‘Little Loyalty’ - front design for Little Underbank loyalty cards - introducing ways of celebrating the independents Little Underbank has to offer thus encouraging customers to visit the different shops/cafes to support their locals and get a free gift in return!

Collect stamps via the back of the cards at the different Little Underbank locations (participating stores found on website).

Mock up wayfinding throughout Stockport to direct people to the hidden gem that is Little Underbank! This will be in the style of classic A-Boards you’d find outside a classic newsagent.

Little Underbank X Open Spaces - art gallery at the hub of Little Underbank

Little Underbank - Stockport Highstreet
Little Underbank is a historic high street in Stockport. Home to many young, creative individuals running unique businesses, it’s such a shame to see their custom decline due to online retailers. The Little Underbank identity is inspired by the bridge at the ‘heart’ of the Underbank. The rebrand wishes to celebrate the independent suppliers (and invite new ones in) by introducing a loyalty scheme as well as regular events, a brand new art space and an online presence.